From 2018, with the abandonment of the Web Art Center and UAVM Virtual Museum projects, I had the need to publicize my work on the form of annual exhibitions that would have varied
presentations throughout the year. The first, held between October 2017 and January 2019, inside about the conclusion of the Rompeschiena project and the presentation of Mister Du.
The exhibition focuses on these two characters who reveal themselves as a kind of search for treasure. Each piece discovered there is like a piece of an old map whose pieces are gradually fitting together, in a kind of artistic puzzle.
In 2019, the Flame Initiates appear, creative pieces that separate us from ignorance and conscious knowledge. The presentation of the exhibition is divided into 4 important moments: Gnosis, in which the ancestral wisdom of the worldis revealed; and the three initiations upon awakening from the flame of wisdom and knowledge. These initiations correspondto the outbreak of Alnirus, the Alchemist who will guide us through the darkness on the path towards light. This last character will develop between October 2018 and June 2019, the date of his rise. 2020 is assumed to be an atypical year, marked by an epidemic that hit the five continents. Taking as a reference the virus and its fear of living in a world in which everything seems to want to annihilate, Awaken appears;the awakening of consciousness to the world of cosmic union, a path carved out by the characters Rompeschiena and Alnirus in the last 5 years.