Rompeschiena is a character who explores the unexplored world of spirituality, having been developed between 2012 and 2018. As an alchemist, Rompeschiena studies and perceives through his instruments the cosmic unity, which involves everything. Through his instruments he understands time and space. The adaptability of water and the constancy of the earth. The expansion of air and the regeneration of fire. The force of light and the causality of darkness. Through its instruments it makes the darkness into light, the unintelligible into intelligible, the lower into the upper, the root into the canopy. Through his instruments and mastery, he unveils the unfathomable mysteries of life and the universe.

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"The One Who See's All", 20132005

"The Great Builder", 2007

"4 elements", 2017

"Cosmic Tree", 2018

"The Alchemist", 2018