Mister Du emerged from the calm waters of a river, spring afternoon, triggered by love.
Legend has it that it was the Lady of the Lake who pulled Du out of the water, and made him fly high on the black wings of love. But like Icarus, Du falls when the power of love failed to propel his flight.
Injured, lost, and abandoned in a land that had once crossed, Du went on his way, this time not in search of lost love, but in search of a reconsiliation with himself.
It is in this search that Du crosses with Rompeschiena (the wizard of the tides). He blows a recipe for his broken heart, which Du fulfills meticulously. Thanks to the ritual, Du emerges from the depths of the shadows as a renewed clairvoyant lover.

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"Salome", 20112005

"Ophelium", 2017

"The Beast without the Beauty", 2017

"Signs", 2017

"Virtual Love", 2018